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February 2014








Mrs. Childers,

Just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed the conference on last year.  It seems like life has been in full throttle for me.  I am working now at Arby's in College Station and I used my essay money for my college SAT testing.  This is my final attempt to score above 1300 so hopefully next month I will be done.  


I will not be able to attend the conference this year, I have a college visit on that day to Lamar University of which I was accepted along with University of Houston-Victoria, Texas A&M-CC, TWU and Tarleton A&M University.  I am on my 23rd scholarship application awaiting results so I've been busy trying to pay for college as well. 


Thank you so much for believing in the power of empowering girls to become ALL that they can be.  I will be forever grateful that we met and GREAT things I know are on the horizon for me.  




Tracie L. Purnell

YLSS 2014 Essay Winner*



Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I'm possible'!

Audrey Hepburn


*Reprinted with permission


February 2013






Ms. Childers,

I am writing again to thank you for the opportunity that you gave our young women through the success seminar. Rosa had a wonderful time and she couldn't believe that she won! I want to showcase her in our department newsletter so other parents with deaf or hard of hearing children can be inspired by her story, and wanted to make sure that there were no restrictions with the essay contest that would prevent me from using her essay. We are hopefully planning on writing a brief bio on her and include the essay itself, pending your permission.

Thanks for your consideration, as well as setting up the seminar itself! You are reaching the lives of young women everywhere, and that inspiration touches their future!


Parent of YLSS Participant






Other Testimonies


Assistant Chief Brandy Norris talked about types of abuse and I learned about law and its' enforcement.
(2016 Student)
Ms. Tashara Parker was very helpful and got my attention about being careful of social media.
(2016 Student)
In Ms. Donna Druery's session, I enjoyed the craft and learned about dressing appropriately.
(2016 Student)
Dr. Phee Simmons used personal experiences and it was encouraging to know that we could do anything we want to do.
(2016 Student)
I enjoyed the icebreaker, "Are You An Elephant? that Dr. Jennifer Hurd had us to do.
(2016 Student)



I liked the sessions that we would have deep conversations in because I love to hear other people’s stories about life.

(2015 Student)


 It was a great experience. It helped learn a lot about success and how to be successful.

(2015 Student)


I liked the up close and personal session because it was easier to talk to the ladies about college.

(2015 Student)


I liked learning all that I will need to know to get me prepared for college.

(2015 Student)


I liked the Affirmation experience.

(2015 Student)


I liked the conversation about college life and how to manage money.

(2015 Student)




The conference was great! I enjoyed all the guest speakers and looking forward to coming back next year!

(2014 Student)


Thank you for the prize money. I am not sure what I will do with the money yet, but it will be well spent. I will be entering the contest again next year! I really enjoyed the conference and gained a lot of insight from it. I am looking forward to what’s in store for next year. (2014 Student)


I was only the van driver, but decided to come to the class and was so happy I did. I am 46, didn’t go to college but had always had it on my mind. Attending the parent’s session today, made me think about going to a community college to take computer courses. (2014 Parent)

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